Hogsett enters race for mayor, DeLaney signals he’s in to stay

August 14th, 2014 at 3:58 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

The 2015 race for Mayor of Indianapolis picked up momentum Thurssday as Joe Hogsett made the first formal step to create a campaign.  Meantime, another Democrat attacked the mayor.

Ed DeLaney sent the message that he is in the race to stay even if Joe Hogsett is considered the leading Democrat.  With almost 15 months to go before election day this race is already taking shape.

Joe Hogsett invited the media to be present when he stopped by the FOP to buy a t-shirt honoring fallen officer Perry Renn.  He said he launched an exploratory committee rather than a formal campaign committee because he believes that’s what every candidate should do.

“I’m gonna use this period of time, I don’t think it’ll be lengthy,” he said, “but I’m going to use this period of time to do a lot of listening.”

DeLaney is already doing a lot of talking.  He was in front of the Central Library to point out that GOP Mayor Greg Ballard’s preschool/crime plan would take $400,000 away from the library.

He said it’s not well thought out.  “He’s afraid that the crime issue is not being addressed, he hasn’t addressed it,” said DeLaney, “and he’s going to do something now.”

Marc Lotter, a spokesman for the Mayor said the plan, that relies on elimination of the homestead exemption on the property tax, is gaining popularity, but didn’t argue with DeLaney

“The library, obviously, and some of the taxing districts,” he said, “would stand to lose some revenue from this.”

The Mayor is most concerned about Hogsett and that’s why political advisor Kyle Walker accused Hogsett of a potential violation of federal law Wednesday, a charge Hogsett rejected.

“I guess it’s inevitable,” he said, “that there’s always some partisan, petty, political gamesmanship but that’s not something I’m going to get involved in.”

Campaign season has arrived ahead of schedule.

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