Loretta Rush takes over as Chief Justice

August 18th, 2014 at 4:00 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

Loretta Rush was sworn in Monday to lead the Indiana Supreme Court.   She is the first woman to become Chief Justice in Indiana.

It was in a small, brief, and private ceremony conducted in an out of the way place, the law library in the Statehouse. Rush said there was a large public ceremony when she joined the Supreme Court two years ago and she wanted to handle it differently this time.

“Why did I ask that swearing in be in this law library?”? she asked.  “Because I consider it to be a jewel in our beautiful Statehouse.”

She repeated an oath administered by Mike Pence.  It came following an endorsement from outgoing Chief Justice Brent Dickson, who said, “She can be a dynamo in her leadership.”

And another from the governor, who said,  “She was the best choice to lead the best Supreme Court in America as its Chief Justice.”

While Rush is the first woman Chief Justice in Indiana but joins twenty women who hold that role in other states and she downplayed it while playing up her other qualifications.

“I bring 30 years of having worked in courtrooms,” she said, “as an attorney, as a judge.”

Her top priority, she said, is to increase trust in the court system.  “That anyone standing outside a courtroom before they go in expects and deserves fair treatment.”

She is serving a five year term but said she hopes to be on the court for many more years.

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