Gay marriage opponents take lower profile

August 25th, 2014 at 4:09 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

The opponents of gay marriage held no rallies Monday.  In fact, they’ve taken a low profile in recent weeks but they still hope to win the gay marriage battle in Indiana.

It’s a battle that started in 2004 and the supporters of traditional marriage have always felt they had a better chance of winning in the General Assembly than in the courts.  They also know that judges don’t pay attention to rallies.

If you go back to 2007 the biggest rally at the Statehouse that year was this one in support of a constitutional ban on same sex marriage.

It’s a cause that has been led primarily by three men.  Curt Smith of the Indiana Family Institute, who says, “We would much rather have legislators make laws and not judges,” Micah Clark of the Indiana Family Association, and Eric Miller of Advance America.

They have done their best to keep battle out of the courts.

If you go to their websites now there is no mention of the hearing in the federal appeals court, no mention of rulings that didn’t go their way, and no mention of any attempt to rally support.

“Our views, our voice has been registered through the friend of the court briefs,” says Smith, “but we have great confidence in our Attorney General.”

And the Attorney General will argue in Chicago that the same sex marriages conducted in Indiana in June were illegal.  Curt Smith hopes that the battle will someday return to the General Assembly.

“We haven’t given up,” he said, “we’re not going away.”

But it will be back in the General Assembly only if the supporters of traditional marriage win in the courts.

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