Democratic candidate questions Mike Pence’s ethics

August 26th, 2014 at 4:09 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

A Democratic candidate for State Auditor accused the Pence Administration of being unethical Tuesday.  Michael Claytor says it’s the result of one-party rule in Indiana.

Claytor appeared outside the Statehouse to level a serious charge.

“It is clear to me,” he said, “that in this behind me, Mike Pence’s Statehouse, ethics has left the building.”

As an example Claytor pointed the criminal conviction in 1985 of state School Superintendent Harold Negley.  He was accused of campaigning on state time.

Claytor compared that with the recent $5,000 fine levied on former state Superintendent Tony Bennett by the State Inspector General.

“Decades later,” said Claytor, “a state Superintendent uses the same type of activity, using state equipment for political purposes and gets a fine.”

Claytor also points to ethics cases involving GOP state Representative Eric Turner and former INDOT employee Troy Woodruff, cases where no penalty was applied.

He made little mention of his opponent, GOP Auditor Suzanne Crouch.

State GOP Chairman Tim Berry responded by saying, “Ethics is a top priority of Governor Pence and always has been.”

He points to the state’s transparency portal and high ratings it has received from independent sources and accused Claytor of using faulty research.

“Today he wants to be the Inspector General,” said Berry.  “I think he doesn’t know what the job is that he’s runniing for.”

Claytor, meantime, plans to compile a list of examples where corruption has cost taxpayers money.  He has created his own website to display them.

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