Kokomo Mayor found in contempt, considers legal action

August 27th, 2014 at 5:23 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

The Mayor of Kokomo is considering legal action against a Howard County Judge.  That judge ordered the Sheriff to take Mayor Greg Goodnight into custody Tuesday.

Judges William Menges found Mayor Greg Goodnight in contempt of court.

Outside the Howard County Courthouse there is construction underway on the Industrial Heritage Trail.  The construction has at times forced changes in the normal delivery of jail inmates to the courthouse.

Then, on Tuesday afternoon construction materials were placed in the driveway blocking access.  To Judge Menges that was an act of contempt by Mayor Goodnight.

He sent the Sheriff to Goodnight’s office with a message.  “If you don’t come with me over to the judge’s chamber,” Goodnight quoted the Sheriff as saying, “we’re going to take you to jail.”

Through a spokesperson the judge said he can’t comment on the record.  His contempt order says the mayor blocked access to the courthouse and says it was “intentional and done solely for the purpose of disrupting the regular proceedings of the court.”

The judge ordered that Goodnight be sent to jail but before he arrived there in a sheriff’s department van, the construction materials were moved.

Goodnight was dropped off at the courthouse.

Back in his office in City Hall, Goodnight thinks it’s all about the trail.  “I’d heard rumblings that he (Menges) was not a proponent of the project itself.”

Bear in mind that the Judge is Republican and the Mayor is a Democrat.

“The judge has shown what I would call bizarre behavior over time,” said Goodnight.

Judge Menges also threatened a Kokomo newspaper reporter with contempt Tuesday.  The reporter declined comment.

Two years ago the judge found a woman in contempt of court for having a noisy baby in the courtroom, and in 2011, he made headlines by issuing a court order instructing the county auditor to pay for the new copy machine he wanted.

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