Marian University growth spurt continues

September 2nd, 2014 at 2:30 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

Marian University is one of the fastest growing colleges in the country, ranked 16th in a recent report, and there was an announcement made Tuesday that will spur even more growth.

Under an arrangement with the city of Indianapolis Marian University has managed the Velodrome since 2011.  Now there will be new development in the area in a move that adds to a long list of improvements in and around Marian, which now has about 3,000 students, up from just under 1100 in 2001.

St. Vincent Health will build a sports performance facility, a potential $15 million investment, near the Velodrome.  The Indiana Sports Corporation is also a partner.

“We believe this will help us attract more athletes and organizations,” said Alison Melangton of the Sports Corporation, “to move to Indianapolis to live, compete, and work.”

“Knowing Dan as I do,” said Mayor Greg Ballard, in reference to Marian President Dan Elsener, “I knew that revitalizing this park would not be the last big idea for the community around Marian University.”

That’s a community that recently welcomed a new medical school and the new football stadium that became home to a national championship team in 2012.

The goal is to keep growing and the school’s board of trustees will meet this weekend to develop a new strategic plan with that in mind.  But Marian intends to remain a small college.

“So, we won’t grow for growth sakes,” said Elsener.  “If we can make a great contribution to our students and the local economy and society, we’ll grow.  Right now we see a lot of opportunities to do that.”

The St. Vincent facility is scheduled to open in 2017.  A clinic and office space may follow and research facilities are also a possibility.

Those facilities will host camps, clinics, and seminars that will help attract students to Marian University.  Currently plans call for enrollment to grow by a 200 students a year over the next two years.

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