Labor Secretary praises job training at Pike High School

September 3rd, 2014 at 3:14 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

The Secretary of Labor paid a visit to Pike High School Wednesday to point out that Pike is a national leader in the effort to close the skills gap.

Secretary Thomas Perez came to Pike because it recently received a $7 million Youth Career Connect Grant from the Obama Administration.  Just 24 of them were given out.

The Labor Secretary arrived along with U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly and Congressman André Carson.  They got a first hand look at classrooms where students learn job skills as well as academics.

They also visited with the team that won a statewide competition by building a robot.

“Pike High School is the pipeline for tomorrow’s workforce,” declared Perez, a glowing review it was based in part on interactions with students.

“I like English and science,” said one.  And when Perez asked anotheer, “What do you like best about being here?”

“I like the diversity,” was the answer.  “There’s a lot of different people.”

But there are also statistics that support the Obama Administration decision to make an investment here and Senator Donnelly pointed to leadership from Pike administrators.

“That’s why a graduation rate.. 93 percent with a poverty rate of 65 percent,” he said.

“You’ve got high poverty, you’ve got high performance, you’ve got high aim,” said Perez.  “People who say that you can’t make it happen in America haven’t been to Pike High School.”

The visit concluded with a roundtable discussion that included employers who support Pike programs.  That’s a requirement for schools receiving the Youth Career Connect Grants.

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