More rain expected before Spring temperatures arrive!

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Flood Warnings

Additional rain is expected through Tuesday before the temperatures warm to above-normal values nearing 70 degrees for most of the week into the weekend. Flooding of rivers and large creeks will remain an ongoing problem.


Rain likely. Some minor flooding could be possible, especially in locations that are already saturated and creeks/rivers that are swollen. Low near 40.


Scattered showers are expected throughout the day, but should be ending by the evening. Highs in the low 50s. Lows in the mid 30s.

The very nice weather begins on Wednesday with mostly sunny skies and temperatures starting to warm up! Highs will be near 60 degrees. Lows around 45.


Thursday:And the nice weather continues with partly cloudy skies and highs reaching 70 degrees! Nighttime temperatures will only drop to near 50 degrees.


A few showers could be possible early Friday morning, but high temperatures will stay mild, likely in the mid to upper 60s. Lows near 50.

Warm temperatures remain in the forecast through the weekend with highs near 70. Partly cloudy skies will stick around for Saturday and a few evening storms could be possible Sunday. Lows will be mild, around 55 degrees

Very cold night before temps warm up

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After off-and-on snow showers this afternoon, we’re ready for clearing skies overnight. Blustery winds this afternoon will also calm tonight. Unfortunately, this will lead to a very cold night before a warm up finally begins.


Mostly clear and cold. Winds diminishing. Lows near 14.


Lots of sunshine with highs in the upper 30s to near 40. Lows near freezing. Winds shifting to south around 5-10 mph.

Rain moves in with scattered showers likely throughout the day. Temperatures will warm up with highs in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees.  Overnight lows will also be mild in the low 40s. Rain will likely continue overnight, ending by morning.


A break between 2 systems. Mostly cloudy skies with warmer temperatures. Highs in the mid 50s. Lows in the mid 30s.

A wet system arrives on Saturday with rain (heavy at times) possible through Saturday afternoon. Temperatures on Saturday will be held down by that system. Highs in the 40s and 50s. By Sunday, the sun returns with partly cloudy skies and highs near 60.

Next Week:
Storms are possible on Monday as high temperatures stay between the upper 50s and low 60s.

On track for Sunday’s Winter Storm

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All the ingredients are coming together for Sunday’s winter storm. In the meantime, a brief warm up, and a smaller, weaker snow system will move in Friday night and Saturday. A Winter Storm Watch is in place for all of central Indiana. The Watch will likely be upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning bu Saturday.


This afternoon:
Mostly clear and slightly warmer. High temperatures will top out around 30 degrees. Partly cloudy skies with clouds on the increase through evening.


Light snow possible. Less than an inch of snow accumulation is expected. Low around 28.


Slightly warmer. Highs in the mid to upper 30s. Mostly cloudy skies. Snow showers may begin late Saturday evening and continue overnight. Some sleet may mix in.

Snow will be likely for most of the day. Our big winter system is expected to arrive in 2 waves. The first wave will arrive from Sunday morning and continue through early afternoon. Snow accumulation is expected but some sleet may mix in, especially south of Indianapolis. Highs in the upper 20s with lows around 10 degrees. Winds will be brisk, around 10 to 20 mph.


The second wave arrive late Sunday evening and heavier snow is likely. Almost all locations will switch to all snow by Sunday night and snow will continue through early Monday morning.

Snow totals of 6 to 10 inches are likely, with some locally higher totals up to 12″. Areas south of Indianapolis will have slightly lower totals of 4 to 8 inches, due to some sleet mixing in with the snow.


Some linger snow showers should wrap up Monday morning. Temperatures will likely continue to drop throughout the day. Highs in the low 20s with lows around 5 degrees.

Next week:
Partly cloudy skies will continue for most of next week, and despite the very cold temperatures, gradual warming will ensue for the end f the week and weekend. Highs will move from the 20s to 40s. Overnight lows will warm from the single digits to the upper 20s.

Winter storm expected this weekend

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All eyes will be on a winter storm that will move into central Indiana Sunday and Monday. In the meantime, the forecast revolves around cold temperatures and a weak clipper moving through on Friday night.

Mostly clear and cold. Low near 2.


Clouds increasing during the afternoon. High of 28. Lows in the mid 20s. Late snow possible Friday night, continuing into Saturday morning. 1/2″ to 1″ of accumulation is expected.

Daypart adi_highs_tomorrow

Morning snow may continue from Friday nights clipper. High temperatures will likely move into the mid 30s, with a possibility of a few peaks of sunshine. Clouds will return in the evening as the next system arrives. Lows near 20.

Sunday and Monday : Winter Storm Likely
A Winter storm is likely to move through central Indiana on Sunday, with additional heavy precipitation possible late Sunday into Monday morning. While most locations from Indianapolis north will likely see snow, areas to the south may have some wintry mix including sleet and freezing rain. That complicates the forecast, and any minor forecast adjustments will have large changes in impacts.

Snow will be likely for most of the area on Sunday, with a wintry mix for southern Indiana through Sunday afternoon. Snow accumulation is likely through Sunday evening, and 2 to 5 inches could be possible before the snow lets up slightly for the evening.

Storm Impacts

Sunday evening a heavier burst of precipitation will move through central Indiana. There is still some uncertainty on what type of precipitation will accompany this heavier precipitation. If it stays all snow, accumulations will be significant, and will approach 6 to 10 inches easily. However, some sleet and freezing rain is likely to mix in, especially the southern half of Indiana.

Snow and wintry mix will continue into Monday morning and will likely affect the morning commute.


Next week:
After the winter storm, temperatures look to drop yet again, into the 20s for highs and single digits for lows. A gradual warm up approaches by the weekend.

Another cold night, but warmer days ahead?

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Ready for another night below zero? It looks like we’ll see cold temperatures again, but there may be some relief on the way.

Temperatures will drop below zero for most of central Indiana with a forecast low of -4 for Indy. Some spots may see temperatures near -10. Winds will remain light, so shouldn’t contribute much to wind chills, but with such cold temperatures come places may reach wind chill values of -20.


After a very cold start, plenty of sunshine will be welcome. We should be able to warm up into the mid to upper 10s, with some spots down south reaching the low 20s. Mostly sunny skies will be in place for most of the day. Lows  will remain cold, but not as cold as the previous night, around 4.

Next 3 days

Slight warmer with partly cloudy skies. Highs of 27. Lows in the upper 10s.


Clouds will increase throughout the day as temperatures briefly go above freezing. Temperatures will quickly drop Thursday evening as a week system approaches and brings a chance for snow late Thursday night. Highs near 35 with lows in the mid 10s.

Light snow or flurries are possible, especially in the early part of the day. Highs in the mid 20s with lows in the mid 10s.

Weekend and next week:
Highs in the 30s and lows in the 20s. A wintry mix could be possible on Saturday. Highs go even warmer for next week, with 40s likely for the early part of the week.

Bitter cold and additional snow

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Snowy Winter

It’s another night with subzero temperatures. Most locations in central Indiana will see temperatures at or below 0 tonight. Temperatures remain cold through the weekend, and snow returns.


Expect temperatures in the -10s to near 0 for tonight. Winds will remain light, but will still make wind chills feel like they are between -10 and -30.

Wind chill advisory

Wind Chill Advisory remains in place through Noon on Friday. Winds should diminish by the afternoon.

Very cold morning. Mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. Highs in the mid 10s.

Next 3 days

Saturday and Sunday:
Scattered snow showers may bring some light accumulation to central Indiana. Accumulation will be between 1 and 2 inches, with isolated spots of 3″+. Temperatures will be in the mid 20s for highs, with lows in the 10s.


Next Week:
Partly cloudy skies with highs in the 20s on Monday. Lows in the single digits. Another weak system could bring snow back for Tuesday and Wednesday. Highs could return to the 30s by the middle of next week.

Snow expected overnight. Up to an inch in Metro, more south.

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Snow is falling, but not all of the radar returns are reaching the ground. Where it is falling more heavily, the snow is overcoming the dry area near the surface and reaching the ground in many spots.

Light snow will continue overnight with most of the metro area receiving less than an inch. Heaviest amounts will be to the south where 1 to 2 inches is possible from Bloomington to Columbus, including Bedford and Seymour.

Snowfall Forecast

For the metro area, by morning, a light dusting to a half an inch is likely, but isolated spots could reach an inch. Temperatures will remain in the 10s overnight, so some slick spots could be possible. A few flurries could linger by morning.

SNOWFALL TOTALS UPDATE: Winter Storm Breakdown

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Are you ready for the SNOW? Here’s our official forecast. It looks like most of central Indiana will see significant accumulation by the end of the week. Exactly how much snow you’ll see really depends on where are you, and it’s still a tricky forecast for Friday.


Overall, snowfall totals will be heaviest to the south, with some spots potentially getting 8″ of snow in southern Indiana. The Indy metro area is likely to see 2″ to 5″ of snow. While there’s still some uncertainty in the second in a series of winter storms, we’re locking these numbers down as the event draws near.


Very warm. Temperatures will stay in the 50s but will drop just before daybreak and continue dropping. Some clouds may move out and partial clearing may occur.

Timeline 1   

Thursday Morning
Some sunshine is possible but clouds will be filling in. Temperatures will likely be warmer during the morning, and drop through the day. Highs in the 40s but dropping into the low 30s.

Timeline 2

Thursday Evening
Temperatures continue to drop as light precipitation moves in. This will start as a wintry mix. Some rain is likely (mainly south) with sleet/snow and rain all possible before changing over to snow. Rain and sleet will eat into snow accumulations in those locations that are slow to changeover to snow. But a good healthy 1″ to 2″ of snow is possible from this first system through Friday morning.

Timeline 3

Friday Morning
A brief break between systems is possible (for the metro area, precipitation may continue in southern Indiana through morning). The second system that will approach has lower confidence in track and ingredients. It still appears as though additional significant snowfall in southern and central Indiana is likely from this system.

Timeline 4

Friday Evening
Snow continues through evening, and the heaviest amounts will likely be in southern and south-central Indiana. Some overall snowfall totals could reach 8″. Snow tapers off by midnight.

A very cold day with highs in the 20s and lows in the teens. Any snow on the ground will keep temperatures down through the weekend. Partly cloudy skies.


Sunday and Monday
A 3rd wintry system arrives late Sunday and could begin as a little wintry mix. Precipitation type in this system remains much more of a question and moisture appears more limited. So still plenty of variables in this forecast. System appears to wrap up Monday morning.

Next week
With snow remaining on the ground, and another Arctic blast set to move in, temperatures could be the coldest of the year, with single digits possible for overnight lows.

Drone use leads to privacy and safety concerns

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Amazon.com revealed plans on 60 Minutes to deliver purchases in the future using drone technology.
It is just one example of how drones may soon lead to significant changes in our way of life.

Flying vehicles made life better for the Jetson’s but the advancing use of drones could lead to invasions of privacy and safety concerns.  Those are just two of the reasons why a state Senator pursued new drone regulations earlier this year.

Already the Greenfield Police Department has a drone for use in accident investigations, searches, and other public safety needs.
Major Derek Towle said, “It’s a tremendous help for me.”

At Indiana State University in Terre Haute you can not only learn to operate a drone, you can get a minor in what’s called Unmanned Systems.  “We’re trying to get a four year degree,” said instructor Jeff Hauser.  “We’re working on that right now.”

Yet State Senator Jim Tomes (R-Wadesville) raised a red flag in January filing a bill to make it a felony to use a drone to invade someone’s privacy.  “And then if you would happen to wake up one morning with one of these things through the roof of your house,” he said, “I guarantee you that would be the number one thing in your world.”

Other lawmakers gave him little consideration and the bill didn’t get a hearing.  “And I think that’s kind of far fetched,” said Rep. Clyde Kersey (D-Terre Haute.)  “That’s going to be way in the future before that takes place.”

But with the news of the Amazon plans, Tomes, reached by phone at his home in southern Indiana, said that time will soon be here.  “We will never again have an open sky,” he said, “without some annoying, irritating buzzing of an aerial vehicle transversing across our air spaces.”

A recent report projected that drone technology will have an economic impact on the national economy of $90 billion between now and 2020.

The FAA will soon establish a series of drone test sites and state of Indiana hopes to land one of them.  We could learn as soon as next week whether a drone test will be established here.

Matt Konkler is leading the local effort but even he says that some of the concerns raised by Senator Tomes are legitimate.

When it comes to drone technology he says we need to figure out how to do this correctly.

Just how long were Sunday’s tornados on the ground?

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Tornado Paths

Check out the paths of many of the storms in northern Indiana.

Here’s some of the preliminary information from the NWS in Indianapolis :

Northern Vermillion County into southern Warren County: Tornado touched down at 2:22 PM and lifted at  2:26 PM. The tornado is rated as an EF-2 and had a maximum wind speed of 130 mph. Total path length was about 6 miles long. The maximum width was 150 yards.

Fountain County into far southwest Tippecanoe County: Tornado touched down at 2:32 PM and ended at 2:45 PM. The tornado is rated as an EF-2 and had a maximum wind speed of 127 mph. The path length was 12.8 miles. The maximum width was 75 yards.

Southern Tippecanoe County: Tornado touched down at 2:50 PM and ended at 2:53 PM. The tornado is rated as an EF-2. The path length was 3.2 miles.

Tippecanoe County into Carroll County: Tornado touched down at 2:54 PM and left central Indiana at around 3:19 PM. The tornado is rated an EF-3. The path length was 29.2 miles. The tornado continued into Cass County.

Knox County: Tornado touched down at 2:56 PM and ended at 3:06 PM. The tornado is rated as an EF-2 and had a maximum wind speed of 132 mph. The path length was 8.8 miles. The maximum width was 100 yards.

Clinton County into Howard County: Tornado touched down at 3:13 PM and ended at 3:36 PM. The tornado is rated as an EF-2 and had a maximum wind speed of 130 mph. The path length was 25.8 miles.

7. Daviess County: The tornado touched down at 3:20 PM and ended at 3:23 PM. The tornado is rated as an EF-2 and had a maximum wind speed of 120 mph. The path length was 2.8 miles. The maximum width was 125 yards.

Howard County: The tornado touched down at 3:29 PM and ended at 3:30 PM. The tornado is rated as an EF-2 and had a maximum wind speed of 120 mph. The path length was 0.5 miles. The maximum width was 75 yards.

Boone County including the city of Lebanon: The tornado touched down at 3:36 PM and ended at 3:42 PM. The tornado is rated as an EF-2 and had a maximum wind speed of 115 mph. The path length was 3.7 miles. The maximum width was 75 yards.

Northeast Boone County: The tornado touched down at 3:46 PM and ended at 3:50 PM. The tornado is rated as an EF-1. The path length was 3.7 miles.

Lawrence County: The tornado touched down at 3:57 PM and ended at 3:59 PM. The tornado is rated as an EF-1 and had a maximum wind speed of 90 mph. The path length was 1.3 miles. The maximum width was 50 yards.

Hamilton County: The tornado touched down at 4:05 PM and ended at 4:08 PM. The tornado is rated as an EF-1 and had a maximum wind speed of 100 mph. The path length was 1.9 miles. The maximum width was 125 yards.