Batch of rain/snow approaches for the afternoon

February 1st, 2015 at 3:32 pm by under Weather

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A quick batch of rain or rain/snow mix will move into central Indiana this afternoon. From Lafayette to Kokomo and Muncie this may lead to additional accumulation.

ADI Current Temps

Temperatures have stayed very mild, especially south of Indianapolis. As the low in central Illinois moves closer, temperatures will begin to warm as south winds pull some of the warmer air from the south into central Indiana.

After this band of precipitation, most of the precipitation may be done to the south of Indianapolis. North of Indy, light to moderate snow may continue, adding to some snow totals.

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Some snow from the system has melted, as temperatures have warmed to near freezing or above. Making snow cover and snowfall totals seem lower.


2:00pm Winter Weather Update

February 1st, 2015 at 2:28 pm by under Weather

HAPPENING NOW: The dry slot that had moved into central Indiana is filling back in slowly.  With some warmer air coming in, most of central Indiana will see either rain, or a wintry mix.  Northern Indiana will see a mix and snow fill back in.

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WHAT THIS MEANS:  I don’t think we will see much more change in snow totals across central Indiana.  Some bursts that fall as snow will add a little bit, then start to melt as temps stay near or above freezing.  Areas along and north of Lafayette-Kokomo-Hartford City will see the mix and snow battle it out.  These areas will see thew highest snow totals of our area.


1:00pm Winter Weather Update

February 1st, 2015 at 1:14 pm by under Weather

RIGHT NOW: The heavy burst of snow that was over Indy a few hours ago is passing through E and NE Indiana.  Heavy burst of snow will give way to quiet, then some melting with temps in the mid 30s. Temps are right at the freezing mark in Lafayette and Kokomo, but the snow has been pretty persistent up that way.


WHAT’S AHEAD:  There is a dry slot that is trying to fill in from west to east.  Most of the moisture that will fill in will be snow in the forecasted heavy areas near Lafayette – Kokomo – Marion and all points north.  Travel is not a great idea in those areas later today.  In the metro, any precip that fill in will be a wintry mix, and with temps hovering near freezing, not much sustained accumulation will take place, but it will e enough to cause problems on the roads.

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11:00am Winter Weather Update

February 1st, 2015 at 11:13 am by under Weather

RIGHT NOW: A burst of moderate to heavy snow is pushing through Indianapolis and points northward.  This is causing slick roads and reduced visibility.  While the snow is falling, it will accumulate quickly, when it slows down, the warmer air will begin to melt the snow.

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WHAT’S AHEAD:  We will see this intense snow burst in the area for about another hour or so.  As warmer air builds in from the west, it should change the precip, or dry it up a bit as a dry slot works into the state.  While we are seeing the burst now, we are sticking to the snowfall projections due to melting.

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9:00am Winter Weather Update

February 1st, 2015 at 9:18 am by under Weather

RIGHT NOW: A burst of snow is moving along and north of I-70.  That has put a new coating in Terre Haute. Overall though, a surge of warmer air and a farther north track of the storm system will mean less snow for many people.

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SNOW FORECAST LATEST:  The highest snow looks to be along and north of a Lafayette to Kokomo to Hartford City Line. The warmer air surging in will cut down totals for most of the metro area. Here is the latest map.


STAY WITH US:  We will have hourly updates through the day as we track this tricky system. Also remember to download our Weather App.  It has latest on Advisories, radar, links to this blog, video forecast, and traffic info as well!


New Developments Overnight, Changes to Forecast

February 1st, 2015 at 4:33 am by under Weather

SYNOPSIS: Robb and Eboni talked about this possibility last night, but it looks more and more like the track of this storm system will be farther north.  This will mean overall less snow for most places and the shift of the heavy snow well to the north.

NEW FORECAST MAP: Only the extreme northern parts of our area look to have the chance for the real heavy snow.  Here is the new Forecast Map. We may still be too heavy in northern parts of the area.  The sharp gradient and totals in those will be the toughest part of the forecast.


CHANGES TO WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY AND WINTER STORM WARNING:  The National Weather Service has seen the new developments as well, and have adjusted their Advisories and Winter Storm Warnings accordingly. Indianapolis is no longer under a Winter Weather Advisory.

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DAYBREAK BEGINS AT 6AM:  The newest member of the Storm Track 8 Team Marcus Bailey and I will have the latest developments this morning on Daybreak beginning at 6am.


Winter Storm Brings More Rain & Snow Sunday

February 1st, 2015 at 12:03 am by under Weather

Temperatures will remain in the lower 30s overnight.  Snow will continue north of Indy through the night, while rain and rain/snow mix will be off and on until Sunday morning in the metro. The system will start to track east Sunday with rain for much of the day around Indianapolis. The rain and snow line will meander back and forth (north and south) staying very close and just north of  Indy at times. This will determine how much snow will fall and where. Forecast currently is still on track for the heaviest snow to fall across our northern counties. Highs Sunday will rise into the mid 30s with much colder temperatures Monday only getting into the teens.

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Rain and snow arrive in central Indiana

January 31st, 2015 at 7:57 pm by under Weather

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The rain and snow have arrived in central Indiana. In downtown Indianapolis, light rain switched to snow with some small ice pellets mixed in. Light snow is likely to continue through the overnight hours, occasionally mixing or changing to rain.

ADI Current Temps

Temperatures have dropped due to the onset of precipitation. The big question now remains, will south winds overcome that cooling and warm temperatures above freezing again? Or will the temperatures remain cold and bring higher snowfall totals.

The temperatures profile across Indianapolis will be key in determining what parts of the city receive the heaviest snow. Obviously the heaviest amounts will be to the north, but it may be the difference in 1 or 2 inches and 6″+.

There are indications the temperatures will hold overnight, leading to some accumulations. Temperature could rise above freezing on Sunday and change to rain for some areas that receive accumulation. This will make for a slushy mess.

Winter Storm Warning

In the meantime, areas in northern Indiana will see near white-out conditions through early Sunday afternoon. Heavy snowfall rates along with gusty winds will make travel extremely dangerous.


Snow will taper off late Sunday night but a few flurries may linger into Monday as temperatures drop. Overnight lows will be in the 10s. Even those location that receive only rain could have icing problems early Monday morning.

Winter Storm Warnings posted

January 31st, 2015 at 3:46 pm by under Weather

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Winter Storm Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories have been issued for parts of central and northern Indiana for tonight through Monday early morning.

Winter Storm Warning

A Winter Storm Warning is in place for the northern Indianapolis metropolitan area including Hamilton, Boone and Madison Counties and extends northward for the entire northern half of the state. A Winter Storm Warning means winter storm conditions are expected within the next 24 hours leading to dangerous travel due to snow of 6 to 12″.

A Winter Weather Advisory is in place for downtown Indianapolis and in a single county swatch east and west to the state lines.

A Winter Weather Advisory means travel due to snowy conditions will be difficult. 3 to 6″ of snow are possible in some of the advised counties.

ADI Current Temps

Temperatures have been mild this afternoon with highs likely to top out in the upper 30s to low 40s. This additional warm air will drive the rain snow line northward to start, but it should creep south through the overnight hours.

ADI Current Wind Speed

Brisk south winds will also aid in keeping a steady supply of warm air moving into central Indiana. This will keep snow totals for most of the metro Indy areas and southward from getting more than 4″ of snow.

Totals will increase significantly as you travel northward. Up to a foot or more of snow could be possible in the northern parts of Indiana.

Winter Storm Arrives Tonight

January 31st, 2015 at 9:38 am by under Weather

A winter storm watch remains in effect beginning tonight through Monday morning. Snow will move across the northern half of the state tonight continuing through tomorrow evening. Clouds will increase this afternoon with highs in the upper 30s.

ADI Winter Storm Watch ADI Winter Storm Warning ADI Current Temps_Wind_Chill_AM VIPIR Day_Half_1_3_5 ADI_Snow_Po_Map_MANUAL