Allison Melangton

Anticipating Super Bowl XLVI

February 2nd, 2009 at 9:46 pm by under Eric Halvorson's Blog

Members of the Indianapolis Super Bowl committee spent the last few days in Florida.  But, don’t look for tan lines on them.  It appears they were devoted to their homework.  They wanted to study Tampa — to see what they could learn from this year’s Super Bowl.

Tonight at the airport, Mayor Greg Ballard came home saying ”Tampa did a real good job” with the game.  He’s confident that Indianapolis “can do this very, very well.”  Ballard also re-stated the belief that the design of downtown Indianapolis — “a little bit more connected” than downtown Tampa — is an advantage for the 2012 game.

Allison Melangton, the President and CEO of the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee, said “there were a couple of activities on the beach.  We definitely can’t do that.  But we will find great locations here.”  She said, seeing how Florida did it, will help the Indianapolis committee focus on certain facilities for certain events here.

The city looks to Detroit for advice about planning for snow removal.  The game was at Ford Field in 2006.  Ballard said, by 2012, Indianapolis will have better plows — not just because of the Super Bowl but because “the equipment is getting old and we need to do that.”

The Mayor has faith in Indianapolis.  He said “everything we saw, we can do.”